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We know that managing a family business may be more complex than running a business that is not family-owned. Many questions and problems arise when family members take an active part in managing the family business among them, questions about their role in the family business and the compensation that they will receive in return for their work, questions about transferring the 'reins' to the second and third generation and their skills in managing the family business, problems regarding the conduct and management of the family members employed in the business, reporting, issues of succession, and many more questions and problems.

We advise family members regarding the ongoing management of the family company and business and dealing with problematic situations, including the division of roles and responsibilities among family members working in the family business, method of compensation for family members employed in the business and outside thereof, the appointment of an external CEO for the business when the need arises, decision-making among family members, transfer between generations, and so forth, all with the purpose of preventing disputes that may affect both the family itself and the family business.

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